Research Training Group "TJ-Train" GRK 2318 

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Welcome to the DFG Research Training Group "TJ-Train", GRK 2318

Research Training Group

"TJ-Train" (GRK 2318) is a Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg) of the German Reseach Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG), located in Berlin at sites of the Charité, MDC, and FMP. Our first cohort of PhD doctoral students will finish this year.

Starting any time, we also offer doctoral thesis projects for Charité medical students . For financing the necessary interception of the MSM study, the DFG provides one-year student grants. Applications or just information via tj-train(at) or by direct contact to the respective principal investigator.

What it's all about.

Very briefly: The tight junction (TJ) connects neighbouring epithelial or endothelial cells and is the central element of barrier function, as it controls paracellular passage of solutes and water. Whether the TJ simply increases tightness or selectively mediates permeability varies greatly in different tissues and is determined by the TJ protein composition. TJs underlie extensive extra- and intracellular signalling, but also regulate epithelial functions and cellular differentiation. Furthermore, numerous TJ proteins serve as receptors for certain pathogens. Thus, TJ proteins are involved in the pathogenesis of numerous diseases. Alterations in TJ composition and architecture may e.g. cause unwanted leak flux or antigen passage and may thus maintain disease activity or even directly trigger disease onset. More detailed information can be found under "Projects".