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Here you can find everything about the "TJ-Train" projects and thesis topics.

Three project areas offer research on different aspects of tight junctions (TJs) in epithelial barrier function. Project area A comprises basic research on structure and function of TJ proteins, which provides the requirement for understanding TJ development and regulation and its role in pathogenesis of disease. Project area B focuses on the role of TJ proteins in the developing tissue and the regulation of TJ proteins and TJ assembly on different levels. Project area C focuses on modulation of TJ in infectious and inflammatory intestinal disease associated with barrier dysfunction.

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All about TJs

Tight junctions and our related research topics in more detail. Use the navigation on the left- and right-hand side on the slides to learn more! If you are especially interested in one of the projects, you can find it in the navigation or pick a field of particular interest below.

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Projects and thesis topics

Here you can find more detailed information on our ongoing projects and thesis topics. Click in the navigation on the left to view a sorted list.